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BUSCO v5.1.2 is the current stable version!
Gitlab, a Conda package and Docker container are also available.

Based on evolutionarily-informed expectations of gene content of near-universal single-copy orthologs, BUSCO metric is complementary to technical metrics like N50.


  • Git source code
  • Docker container
  • Conda package

New in v4

  • Bacteria & archaea revised
  • Auto-lineage selection
  • Automated download of datasets

vs CheckM

  • Scores eukaryotes and prokaryotes
  • Can run on a laptop
  • Better resolution, less overestimates

Obtain BUSCO

Full installation instructions are provided in the user guide.

BUSCO is available as a conda package and as a Docker image. Both of these versions are ready to run out of the box. Alternatively, it is also possible to manually install BUSCO.

The BUSCO software now directly downloads the necessary datasets, specified by the user or automatically selected.

To display all available datasets

busco --list-datasets

You can also download them manually and see a list with the number of marker genes.

Earlier versions: v4, v3, v2, v1

Documentation and support

User guide Issues board

Cite us

Seppey M., Manni M., Zdobnov E.M. (2019) BUSCO: Assessing Genome Assembly and Annotation Completeness. In: Kollmar M. (eds) Gene Prediction. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 1962. Humana, New York, NY. 2019 doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4939-9173-0_14. PMID:31020564

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"Core" genes

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